I'm a 24 year old living in Michigan and this is my tumblr for my gaming screenshot addiction!


Heads up:
This is a GAMING tumblr!

I tag each game with its name (usually more than one way) for your blacklisting/tumblr savior convenience! Really, I encourage you to take advantage of it and blacklist the names of the games you’d rather not see on your dash. :3

As a side note, I stream some of my games quite often!
Check out my Twitch channel!


I'm totally RPG obsessed, I enjoy The Sims, FFXIV, ArcheAge, Skyrim, Guild Wars 2, and many, many other titles. Way too many to name here, in fact. Tags to each specific game are located in the games master list which can be found in my sidebar.

Stories & Legacies:

I'm more than happy to answer WCIF's or any other questions you may have!

Currently Playing:
Sims 4,

I track the tag:

My Sims 3 Games:
TS3 Original World Adventures High-End Loft Stuff Ambitions Fast Lane Stuff Late Night Outdoor Living Stuff
Generations Town Life Stuff Pets Master Suite Stuff Showtime Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats Diesel
Supernatural Seasons 70s, 80s, & 90s University Life Island Paradise Movie Stuff Into the Future
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