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I'm totally RPG obsessed, I enjoy The Sims, FFXIV, ArcheAge, Skyrim, Guild Wars 2, and many, many other titles. Way too many to name here, in fact. Tags to each specific game are located in the games master list which can be found in my sidebar.

I write A Season for the Heart
and The Gardner Legacy.

I'm more than happy to answer WCIF's or any other questions you may have!

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Been playing ArcheAge all day~

“lemonlion didn't make that mesh for the modishkitten swimsuit, modishkitten made it and marja added the preg morph. azaya added sexyfeet to it.”

I know modish kitten made the original mesh, I credited her/him, but thank you I did not know the rest of this!  I have added those credits to the original post.  :3  Was it still Lemonlion who converted it to TS2 or was it someone else? Or did you mean it was modish kitten themselves who converted it to TS2? If so I wasn’t able to find it, the only modish kitten stuff I have ever found is on her sims 2/3 websites and the lemonlion one. :( Please let me know if you know the original source of the conversion so they may get credited!

ninoosims replied to your photo “So, ArcheAge is awesome as hell.”

my tera buddy is trying to make me play this. how is the combat?

I love it but it’s nothing like you’re used to in TERA.  It’d take some getting used to.  The class combo system is awesome.

pixelpuppetry replied to your post “babycheewee replied to your photo: i saw this game on steam! isnt any…”

Are you by chance a millionaire? I’ve been eyeing the alpha pack but so expensiiiiiiive! D’:

Haha nuuuuuu boyfriend bought it for us to play together cause he’s awesome and we needed a new game to play together.  XD

babycheewee replied to your photo:
i saw this game on steam! isnt any fun? i was into ffxiv for a while too

It’s only in alpha testing right now, it WILL be free to play eventually, but at the moment you can buy a “founder’s pack” which gains you access to the betas.  But really, it’s so worth it, this game is so awesome in so many ways (for me) and I can’t get enough of it.  I’m already addicted.  XD

One of the highlights of my night.  XDDDD

One of the highlights of my night.  XDDDD

First experience with rowboats!  SO MUCH FUN!!  :DDD

So, ArcheAge is awesome as hell.

So, ArcheAge is awesome as hell.

Family Fun Pajama Recolours: Part I

I wanted some plain pajamas for my kids without any sort of pattern so I made a few.  There’s 14 total recolours, 8 of which have colours with black or white trim and a black and a white version.  Also, I was watching TV and so I made four more extra so I have added them to the file.  =)  All recolours are unisex.  I plan to make a few more versions in other colours at some point later, so there’s that!

Required Mesh by fakepeeps7: HERE


“this is such a newbs question but how do you install sims 2 lighting mod? :/”

There are instructions in the lighting mod’s page or you can download the one I use: here as an autoinstaller (that I personally used myself). =)

Been working on my next recolouring project, hehe.  :P

Been working on my next recolouring project, hehe.  :P

“Hi! I was wondering where you got the skin on the modish kitten post for the swimsuits? :)”

The skin is from Keoni, right here!  :D

Edit: I meant to reply privately but I hit enter and it published it sorry. :(

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